Modelling how to elicit learners' ideas


Learners’ ideas
Teachers as learners
Teachers’ ideas


As teachers participate in Teacher professional development (TPD) programs, one of the greatest concerns is whether they implement what they learn. Teachers are likely to practice what they learn when they find it not only practical but also if they can relate to it. As a teacher trainer during the 2016 secondary program INSET by CEMASTEA, I modelled to teachers how they can elicit learners’ ideas, I designed an activity where I prompted the teachers to think about and state what they thought was in a bubble in boiling water. Working with teachers as learners, they experienced what it means to elicit learners’ ideas as well as the varied responses they gave for what is contained in a bubble of boiling water. This article describes this activity and concludes with a call to teachers to seek to understand learners’ ideas, the thinking behind those ideas, and leverage learning based on those ideas.